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A Return to the Retro Office….

Jackie Ross Shackleton Technologies in dundee

Written by Jackie Ross

Retro Office

As a business, would you ever consider returning to the 1980’s when typewriters were commonplace?  No, I thought not.  It would be too much of a backward step for most and who can operate a typewriter these days? 

Spare a thought then for Government workers in a borough of Alaska who resorted to using typewriters following a ransomware attack which impacted their computer systems

Not only did this attack affect most of their 500 desktop computers but also infected 120 servers, as well as the telephone system and door entry card system.  Who would have thought that any organisation would preserve their typewriters, let alone consider using them?

Although this organisation was able to recover some data, the data was a year old and email, the day-to-day communication tool we all rely upon, was completely unrecoverable. 

Be Prepared

So how best can you protect your organisation from similar attacks? Whilst your IT can never be 100% protected against malware or unauthorised access, you can limit your exposure to these risks by following a few simple steps: 

  1. Carry out a review to identify critical business systems 
  2. Identify and minimise risks to business data
  3. Implement baseline security solutions
    • Firewall 
    • Email Filtering 
    • Web Filtering 
    • End User Training 

Most importantly, make sure you have a suitable backup and disaster recovery solution in place to ensure you can recover your data, and entire servers, should the worst happen. 

A generic approach to security is no longer the best option. At Shackleton our layered approach incorporates a number of elements to stop unauthorised access through malware, viruses and ransomware from impacting your business. If you have any concerns over the security of your IT infrastructure, speak to your IT support provider or contact us today to find out more about partnering with Shackleton Technologies.


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