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Shackleton Aberdeen: Exploring New Horizons

Steve Ross - Blog - Shackleton Technologies

Written by Steve Ross

Like our famous namesake, explorer Ernest Shackleton, we’re always looking to the horizon – for the opportunities and adventures that lie just out of sight. With that philosophy firmly in mind – and in response to a growing demand from clients – I’m excited to announce the opening of Shackleton’s brand new Aberdeen office.

Our expansion, from our headquarters in Dundee, is a logical business step: the services we offer have become essential for hundreds of customers seeking to protect, consolidate or enhance their businesses’ IT capabilities. Over the last decade, the landscape in which we work has changed significantly and more organisations than ever are realising just how important it is to have control over their information. Our new office opening isn’t unexpected: we’ve already established a business presence in Aberdeen and have been working with clients in and around the city for some time.

Different location, same Shackleton…

Although we’re operating in a new environment, the range – and outstanding standard – of products and services we provide hasn’t changed. That list includes:

  • Continuity: we help businesses prepare and plan for change – both expected and unexpected – and the challenges that can pose to IT systems.
  • Security: we can help you identify potential risks to the IT security of your business and protect against them before disaster strikes.
  • IT Management: your IT systems should work for you and your business. We’ll help you optimise the performance of your IT infrastructure, ensuring both you and your clients get the best out of it.
  • Cloud: whether you plan to use the Cloud to manage resources or to store and back-up vital information, we will be able to find the right package for you.
  • Products and support: we offer deployment and installation expertise in a huge range of essential software products, including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Sage.


The most significant benefit of opening an office in Aberdeen is the flexibility it promises. Having an established, professional presence in the city is an opportunity to reduce our own costs – while passing on the benefits to our clients and connecting with new customers in a range of industries. We work on projects in locations across the country – and we want to ensure that the standard of service we provide is quicker, more efficient and more effective than ever.

Working in IT means being able to react rapidly: small differences often translate to huge professional gains or losses and it can be easy to fall behind competitors. Whether you’re an  engineering firm, an insurance broker, a furniture wholesaler..we’ll fine-tune your technological capabilities – equipping your team to deal with the challenges of a modern, constantly-connected workplace and maximising your business’ performance and profitability in every context.

The next chapter

Situated on the northern bank of the Dee, close to the point at which the river flows into the North Sea, our new home in Aberdeen evokes the spirit of our intrepid namesake – who devoted his life to seeking out and overcoming new challenges.  We’re looking forward to exploring the possibilities our new location brings, growing our business and helping new clients realise their potential.

Traversing the Antarctic, Ernest Shackleton’s team had to adapt to the challenges of a harsh, inhospitable environment, braving freezing temperatures and treacherous terrain in order to reach salvation. While our average work day may not be quite as dangerous, the results we produce for our clients, are just as impressive.