How our clients view Shackleton services

How Our Clients View Shackleton Services

Chris Thornton - Shackleton Technologies - Dundee

Written by Chris Thornton

The results are in from our quarterly client satisfaction survey and once again we are delighted with the overall results.  We’re not in the habit of bragging about our successes but when the feedback is independent and comes directly from our clients, it’s something we are proud of.

To give a bit of background, we send out regular surveys to the business owners and key players in the companies we support.  These surveys are managed by Client Heartbeat, an independent customer satisfaction service provider which not only compares our performance against previous surveys but also benchmarks us against others in our industry worldwide.  We find this a great tool to measure our overall service to individual clients, our client base as a whole and also how we are performing against our industry overall. 

This isn’t the only form of feedback we seek, as we also meet with our clients regularly and also ask for feedback on support tickets, but it is the only one which rates us against our own industry and as a result our competitors.

Onto the results… 

Us vs Industry Average

Once again we are performing well above the industry average in all areas surveyed – we are the darker colour to the left, industry average is the lighter to the right. 

We are still below the industry top performer though, which obviously frustrates us and is one of many drivers to our continual improvement philosophy.  Trust us, when we reach the level of top performer we’ll be shouting out loud about it!

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Overall Rating

Our overall rating across our client base scores us highly in all areas and well above the industry averages (but who wants to settle for average…)  We are actively investigating and working to improve areas we have not scored as highly in.

We take all negative feedback we receive seriously and always work to gain a full understanding of why these issues occur.  The drop in helpfulness is obviously a concern to us and is something we are actively working to understand the reason for the drop and improve on going forward. 



We are also proud to consistently achieve the ‘Client Achievement Award’ for being in the top 25% in our industry!

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This is an area we are particularly proud of, receiving glowing feedback from our clients is always a great thing to hear.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality service delivered by Shackleton Technologies and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard working company in the Managed IT Support Provider sector.”

Fiona Stewart – Business Administrator

Alcohol Tayside


“Shackleton Technologies are an impressive team which delivers on their promises and are stand out performers in the Managed IT Support Provider sector.”

Valerie Poynter – Office Manager

LM Porter


“Always a first class professional experience when dealing with the Shack Team.”

Mark Inglis – Group IT Manager

Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers


“Shackleton are always proactive with their support and provide a fast, efficient service.”

Caroline Thoms – Office Manager

Vascular Flow Technologies


“I find all personnel at Shackleton to be most helpful and they are always willing to assist with whatever problem we throw at them.”

James Hampton – Director

Logie Glazing & Building Services


We’ll be working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that any area or client where we have not scored as well as expected are addressed and are looking forward to seeing how our efforts have improved our scoring for the next survey. 

Are you unsatisfied with your own IT service provider? Get in touch today and talk to one of our expert team about how we can help your business.