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Written by Steve Ross

About The Relationship

We are big on relationships within Shackleton, hence we always refer to our clients as “clients” as opposed to customers. We strive to have clients for a prolonged period, not just for the short-term. We have seen first-hand the value of building a strong business relationship with clients; from the initial onboarding process that evolves into a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. It’s what we call a “strategic partnership”. Where both sides see IT systems as being the cornerstone of their business that adds real value.

Just recently, I was speaking with a client who has sold their business. We discussed how a couple of years ago they invested one hundred per cent in their new IT infrastructure to modernise their company in an industry that is very traditional. They wanted to get ahead of the pack, to stand out from the competition. The benefits they gained from this investment were tenfold and has produced some tremendous results, such as:

  • Increased staff productivity and morale
  • Greater team collaboration
  • The ability to work anywhere and utilise the latest technology

Their investment delivered a real “competitive advantage”. Incidentally I asked if this investment increased the value of the business; the answer was a resounding “yes” and, at the same time, greatly eased the sales process. The buyers complimented our clients on the robustness and quality of their IT infrastructure, tools and processes.

Now whilst I acknowledge that their success is attributed to many things, I firmly believe that because our client understood the importance of IT to their business and worked with us to deliver their vision, they very much reaped the benefits. And, so did we. Not only did we have a strategic partner who committed to our recommendations but believed in the tangible benefits that it would bring to their organisation.

And this brings me back to the relationship. By listening to our client’s business objectives, understanding and working with them to build a strategic roadmap, we worked over a period of several months to help them achieve their goals.

We’re proud of that. We understand how great IT can bring huge benefits to a business, but to help transform a business is hugely satisfying.

However, our client must take the credit. A real forward-thinking business with a brilliant leadership team, it’s a pleasure doing business with them.

Hat’s off to them and the other like-minded forward-thinking businesses out there!