Escalations Engineer - Senior Escalation Engineer - Questions and Answers with a Shackleton Employee - Lee Sexton - IT Support Dundee, Tayside, Angus

Q&A With Lee Sexton - Senior Escalations Engineer

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Escalations Engineer

We begin a series of interviews with some of Shackleton’s hard working and dedicated employees. 

Today, we are speaking to Lee Sexton who is the company’s new Level 3 Escalations Engineer.

How long have you worked in Information Technology? How did you get started?

I have worked in information technology for more than 20 years. I started with the humble spectrum and tinkering with that in my bedroom, making bits from parts out of the back of my Timex.

What is your IT specialisation? What do you do at Shack Tech?

I specialise in servers mostly but I also enjoy security. My current role is 3rd line escalations at Shackleton.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

The most interesting project recently was testing out virtual reality technology, for the elderly, in care homes.

Do you have an IT hero? Who?

No I don’t have an IT hero but my all time hero is Che Guevara!

Android or iOS?


What are your favourite 3 apps?

The music production software, Ableton, the network management tool, Solarwinds N-Central and Mimecast, the email management platform for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365.

What is your favourite/most valuable piece of IT advice?

Don’t be afraid of technology, it’s not scary!

Do you know any good computing jokes?

Who was the pioneer of cloud computing? Moses, he had the first tablet that connected to the cloud.