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New Year Resolution for Your Business - Microsoft Products EoSL

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Written by Shackleton Technologies

We all start the new year with big intentions regarding how we’re going to become a better version of ourselves. Getting slimmer or fitter, stopping drinking, looking for a career change. The festive break gives us time to reboot, enjoy some clarity of thought and allow our ideas to flourish.

We set ourselves ambitious goals, promising that we’ll reach our “target weight” in time for the Summer holidays, or be fit enough to enter a local fun run. Regrettably, our well-intended lifestyle changes are often short-lived, and by the end of February, we resort to our “old” selves and cry, ‘to hell with the resolutions’.

It’s not just people who can benefit from getting fitter though, businesses have even more to gain and the new year is a great time to reboot and start planning for the year ahead. What are your business goals and are your IT systems capable of supporting your business in achieving them?

Technology is one of the single most critical elements for any business. Hardware, software, network infrastructure, data backup, data security, disaster recovery, even internet connectivity, are all vital assets and must be fit for purpose. If they’re not, they’re holding your business back from fulfilling its real potential.

Twelve months from now, several mainstream Microsoft products go end of life, including Windows 7Windows Server 2008/R2 and Exchange Server 2010.  These products will no longer be available to purchase, all support will cease, and there will be no more patch or security updates. Businesses who are still using these products in January 2020 will become much more vulnerable and at higher risk of malware attacks.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, now is the time to set budgets and put your business’ new year resolution into practice.

What if I Don't Have the Budget?

If budget is an issue, there are alternatives and business leasing can provide a very cost-effective option. In fact, even if you do have an available budget, leasing is still worth considering.

One thing you could do to improve your technology and business efficiency in 2019, would be to build a stronger relationship with your IT company. Be innovative with your IT and work with your IT provider to leverage your technology to maximise the business benefits.

Here at Shackleton, we’re not just IT people, we’re business people too, so we understand business, and we want to help companies to understand their IT and get more from their investment. 

Make the first step to a healthier business in 2019 today and contact your IT provider. Ask them to help you with your new year resolution.