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Save Money And Secure Your Data With Office 365

Philip Magson - Shackleton Technologies Dundee

Written by Philip Magson

Microsoft’s Office 365 is rapidly becoming the leader in cloud application delivery, owing to its superb flexibility and suitability for every size of organisation be it private, charity, education or public sector. Shackleton now has extensive experience in migrating from on premise Office applications to Office 365. 

Whether your organisation is 3 user or 150 users strong, working at a single site or via multiple remote sites, we have the expertise to move you to this productive and cost effective Office solution.

There is MORE to Office 365 than there ever was to the old Office

The core Office applications Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access represent only a quarter of the full offering available within Office 365. In addition to these applications, an Office 365 subscription will give you SharePoint Online (for collaboration), Exchange Online (for email) and Lync Online (for communications and web conferencing), so adding great value. Even if your organisation doesn’t use the other facilities, overall it’s much cheaper than buying the full boxed package.

Office 365 is MUCH more cost effective

Even if you only purchase the entry level Small Business Premium edition of Office 365 at £10.10 per month per user, the savings are attractive. Every user has the right to install the software on FIVE different devices e.g. desktop, smartphone and Tablet.  So compared to a retail version of Office 2013 Professional, which comes at a cost of approx. £350, there is an immediate saving of £229 per user not counting the ability to install another four times.

Office 365 data can be stored local & in the cloud

Purchasing Office 365 for the purpose of ‘harmonisation’ is in itself the cheapest way of achieving this difficult and costly issue. If your organisation has reservations about having your data in the cloud you can store this data on your local devices and only ‘sync’ that data if required when on the move or working remotely. 

If you do store the data in the cloud it will be stored in Dublin by default and then replicated in Amsterdam which in turn is backed to a third data centre elsewhere in Europe – Microsoft are rare in that they actually tell you where your data will be stored. Working this way guarantees data security and removes the worry about backing up your data to local removable devices.

Office 365 migration services from a local qualified dealer

If I’ve piqued your interest, which I sincerely hope I have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be delighted to talk to you about moving your organisation to Office 365, and fully explain the savings you can look forward to!

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