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Shackleton's Top 10 Tips For Zoom Calls

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Whilst the country is self-isolating, and many people are working from home there has been a sudden increase in the use of virtual call software both for business (and personal) use to communicate with work colleagues, friends, and family to stay connected.  Zoom has proved to be one of the most popular (currently the world’s second most downloaded mobile app, only beaten to the top spot by TikTok).

Zoom is easy to use, it is free, you can integrate it with your calendar, and all plans allow up to 100 participants by default in every meeting (up to 500 with Large Meeting add-on).  You can also host unlimited meetings.

Although it all sounds great, it is ESSENTIAL we consider the potential threats to our personal/business information and the possible breach of security that cameras can create.

Tip 1 - Only use official sites to download software/apps

A good starting point is to only use official sites to download ‘apps’ or software.

Tip 2 – Password Protect ‘All’ Meetings

It is good practice to password protect all your meetings. Never share your ‘Meeting ID’. Remember passwords can be set up for individual meetings as well as group meetings. Remind all users of the importance of password security. Never write down a password or login.

Tip 3 – Use a ‘waiting room’ between calls

Do not allow the meeting to commence until the host joins.  The waiting room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins. 

Tip 4 – LOCK the call

For an added level of security (to prevent others joining).

Tip 5 – Turn OFF screen sharing

Limiting who can share their screen will avoid any unwanted images from being posted.  Within Zoom click on ‘advanced settings’ select the option to only allow the ‘meeting host’ to share their screen.

Tip 6 – Turn OFF file transfer

If you are planning on sharing materials send them prior to or after the call, rather than during the meeting.  Ensure ‘file transfer’ is turned off to prevent participants from sending unwanted files.

Tip 7 – Manage Users

Identify EVERYONE on the call prior to discussions taking place.  It’s a good idea to switch off the ‘far end camera control’ so that no-one can take control of the camera during the meeting.  Go to ‘In Meeting (Advanced)’ to find this option.

Tip 8 – Beware of phishing

Hackers are using Zoom’s popularity to try and steal user details and compromise accounts and/or infiltrate sensitive calls. Eavesdropping, whether unintentional or intentional can pose a huge risk to information security.

Tip 9 – Do not share meeting links on social media

Avoid unwanted participants from joining your session. Reduce your risk.

Tip 10 – Keep installed software updated

Once installed, make sure the version downloaded is kept up to date.


Ensure that your desk does not contain any sensitive information that could be exposed to other callers.  Remember that any screenshots and/or recordings could be extracted from video calls and used to create a photograph that could later be examined, and information lifted from it. 

Turn off recording features in calls (if you need to have it on be sure to delete recordings).


Now you are following all the above recommendations, you can safely enjoy communicating with colleagues, friends and family.