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How You Can Help Your IT Support Company Solve Your Problems Quicker

Chris Thornton - Shackleton Technologies - Dundee

Written by Chris Thornton

Everyone understands that when something doesn’t work the way it should it’s frustrating; IT issues are no different. They are probably more frustrating than other problems as you rely on IT so much throughout your day.

When something does go wrong you more than likely let your IT support provider know so that they can fix it for you. They know that you are frustrated and want to sort the issue out as quickly as possible for you.

So how can you help them help you from the very start?

Solve IT Problems - Be Specific about the Issue

If you log a support request saying that your PC is running slow, there will more than likely be a delay with anyone dealing with the problem as a follow up will be required to confirm the exact nature of the issue you are experiencing.

Give as much relevant information as possible when logging a support request. 

  1. Does your machine take a while to start up? 
  2. Is it only slow with specific applications? When did the issue start? 
  3. Do you receive any error messages? 
  4. Are you the only one affected or are other members of staff experiencing the same problem? 

If you are unsure whether something is relevant or not let them know anyway, it won’t do any harm.

The team at Shackleton Technologies are here to help our clients, and to ensure you’re able to raise a support ticket, whenever required, we have several channels in which you can contact us. Please take a look at the options on our ‘support page‘ to see the options for raising ticket requests.

In an ideal world every request that comes in would be dealt with immediately, however in reality your support request will be prioritised based on the impact of the problem. This is done to lessen the overall impact of critical issues or where multiple users are affected.

Providing detail behind the impact the issue causes you also helps. If it’s the last day of the month and you can’t process the wages, then it’s going to be prioritised. 

If the printer in your office isn’t working but the one in the corridor is then it’s likely to be pushed down the list a bit.

Understanding this helps your IT support provider and also ensures that when you have an issue that severely impacts you it will be prioritised accordingly.

Solve IT Problems - Can the Fault Be Replicated?

Is there a specific task you are carrying out when the issue occurs? If so, include this information when raising the support request. This information is likely to be valuable when support staff are diagnosing the fault.

For example, letting them know that you are ‘unable to save a file to a specific location’ is a lot more helpful than you are ‘unable to save’ as it points towards a server issue rather than a PC issue and saves time on additional diagnosis.

In Brief

The more information you can provide the more helpful you are being.

  • Be Specific 
  • Provide Detail 
  • Confirm the Impact & Users Affected
  • Provide Steps to Allow the Fault to be Replicated

The end result will be that your support request will be dealt with more effectively and efficiently.

Solve IT Problems – If you want us to help solve your IT problems and issues, why not book a call with one of our Account Managers and find out more.