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Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or London - Wherever You Are We Can Support Your Business

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Written by Shackleton Technologies

Companies looking for an IT provider will often make their selection based on them being “local”, however technology today is so advanced, that realistically, we now have the capabilities to provide fully-managed IT support and services to clients anywhere.

Remote access tools are faster and far more useful and practical than ever before, and our skilled engineers can provide remote support to clients located in London, every bit as well as we can to more “local” clients in Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow.  

Almost all IT issues encountered are resolved without the need to attend onsite, which means our clients receive a speedy response and experience less downtime as a result.

Technical support though is just one aspect of the services that can be delivered remotely, and it is often the “invisible” things that make the biggest difference. Proactive management and monitoring of systems, offsite backup and business continuity, patch and security updates are all carried out behind the scenes, with less need for a physical onsite visit.

Strong relationships

More important than location, is having an IT provider who will work with your organisation planning an IT strategy that will deliver real business benefits for you. Not only will this save your business time and money but give it a competitive edge and a real return on your IT investment.

The relationship with your IT provider, trusting that they have your business interests at heart, is the foundation to having a successful long-term business relationship. Here at Shackleton, we place considerable importance on understanding our clients’ business goals enabling us to provide the correct technology advice for the short and longer term. 

Communication with our clients who are outside our local geographical area can be maintained using technologies such as video conferencing and Skype for Business, making it easier to develop and grow strong relationships today, over any distance.

A further thought: most businesses today are using line-of-business tools that are primarily cloud-based, and often have no idea where these tools actually “reside”; it’s inherently more critical that they work.

Microsoft Office 365 is a classic example; we use it and access it wherever we are yet don’t care where in the cloud our emails are stored, we know that it works.  Microsoft also doesn’t offer onsite visits to provide support.

Offsite backups see our data “taken off-premise” and stored securely in the cloud. Our VoIP telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, and because of these advances in technology, we don’t tend to pay much notice.

The same technological advancements and principles apply when it comes to choosing an IT provider. Comprehensive IT managed services can be delivered anywhere, and with our growing network of IT service partners, on the rare occasions we need to, we can respond locally in no time.

So, next time you are considering a new IT provider, check Shackleton out. Give us a call, send an email or get in touch via our website. We can proudly introduce you to The Shackleton Way.