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The Business Benefits of Investing in Information Technology

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Business Benefits

I remember, as a young man, starting work at a large management consultancy firm. I was excited to get a job at such a prestigious organisation.

First impressions

My first day at the office was filled with the usual stuff covered during the induction process, meet the team, company policies, health and safety etc.  I was impressed by the free orange juice on offer and the fancy coffee machine. It was right up my street.

I was then shown to my desk and issued with my new PC. Well, it wasn’t a new PC at all – it was someone else’s old machine with a keyboard that, to this day, I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as filthy. It was the first let-down moment and put a dampener on my earlier optimism.

The company was known for being a leading light in its industry, a billion-dollar business, and yet it failed its first test with its newest employee – at least try to show you care.


One of the benefits of investing in IT for any business is that it boosts staff morale and can make way for your team to be more productive. Which leads to my second let down moment; in the same company, every quarter, the systems went into overdrive as everyone was working on producing the latest financial results. Unfortunately, the systems couldn’t cope; servers crashed and spreadsheets hung, which led to staff having to work late to make up for lost time.

This was a regular occurrence and as a result, productivity went out of the window and working late became the “expected” norm.

The good news

At Shackleton, we see and hear a lot about old and failing systems. But we also see and hear positive stories.

We have examples of clients who have invested effectively in their IT systems which, in turn, has helped the sale of these businesses go through quickly and smoothly. Investment has helped these companies become leading lights in their market place, making them more attractive propositions.

Investing in IT brings numerous business benefits and ought to be more recognised as a real return on investment. It reduces the overall risk to businesses. Up-to-date systems, with IT security as a priority, provide you with peace of mind and increased functionality that can help you and your team work smarter.

Overall, IT costs can essentially be lower when a business conducts regular yearly reviews of their critical systems and makes any necessary investment, avoiding the need to spend much larger amounts when systems are long overdue for an upgrade.

We are passionate about businesses realising the benefits of investing in their IT systems and the difference it can make for their employees and ultimately in seeing the positive impact on their business.

We’ve seen the results first hand. Having a strategic IT roadmap to help a business plan their IT budget, several years in advance, to fit in with medium-to-long term business objectives and financial plans is the right place to start.

To find out more about strategic road mapping for your business’ IT investment, speak with a qualified IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) that can offer you this advice, that wants to understand your business and has experienced business people to help.

Which business owner or CEO would not want more productive employees, increased staff morale and peace of mind?

It’s a no-brainer – invest in your IT systems today to reap the business benefits tomorrow.

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