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What is the Shackleton Way?


Written by Craig Allan

So, what is “The Shackleton Way” I keep hearing about?

Goodness, that’s like asking, “what is breathing”, because for the management team at Shackleton Technologies, that’s the importance of “The Shackleton Way”. And just as you can’t do anything without breathing, we can’t do anything without “The Shackleton Way”. It is the heart and soul of our company and core to everything we do.

When our namesake and inspiration, Sir Ernest Shackleton began a new project, or started an expedition, he always had a firm goal in mind from the outset. Steve Ross, Shackleton Technologies’ Managing Director does too; “to be the best Managed IT Services company we can possibly be!”

Following in Shackleton's Footsteps

Sir Ernest Shackleton became recognised as such an inspirational leader, because he put the safety and care of the others in his team and those all around him, before himself. He was a natural motivator and everyone trusted him and believed in him; that’s what set him apart from other great men of the time.

Men Wanted for Shackleton

Steve Ross, says, “When you run a busy and growing IT business, like Shackleton Technologies, having such a perfect example of trust, leadership and utter commitment as Sir Ernest, as our inspiration, it makes defining our core business values easy.”

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Demonstrate rigorous devotion to your team and your clients.
  • Trust yourself and your judgement and others will learn to trust you.
  • Deliver on your promises.
  • Lead by example and when the metaphorical blizzards do their best to knock you off track, drive on stronger, harder and better than ever before.

 Simply put, this is “The Shackleton Way” – and it guides everything we do, every day. 

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