Who Controls Who

Who controls who?

Philip Magson - Shackleton Technologies Dundee

Written by Philip Magson

Being in the IT industry I suppose I have been interacting with machines for years. With the advent of mobiles devices and the development of touch screens that interaction is not Sci Fi any more.

Watching Star Trek in the 70’s, yes it started in the 60’s but I didn’t find it until the 70’s, the hand held voice activated communicator was an amazing feat of imagination. Well with the latest iPhone in my hand I can fire up Siri and speak it instructions with great accuracy. More years will be required for the transporter beam to be developed.

There is research on going to develop sensors built-in into our finger tips so turning our hands into virtual mice. Farfetched? Well we have been implanting electronic pacemakers for years now.

Maybe time will have to pass before this is general acceptable so another approach may be needed. We all use body language to understand people’s reactions and feelings. So software is being developed to read body expressions and micro gestures to command computers without touching anything. Simply staring at areas of the screen and an action ensues.

What next. A well know fast food company claims its developing software that by recognising the car you’re driving it will 80% of the time know what you’re  food order will be. 

Bit frustrating when the kids use Dad’s car!

Who controls who?