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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Why It Is Crucial For Your Business Security

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Why It Is Crucial For Your Business Security

It is important that businesses safeguard data. Hiring professional IT support with security expertise, being extra vigilant and implementing MFA for your business are crucial steps to protecting information. 

Passwords in the modern world have long proved insufficient as a sole line of defence against unauthorised access to data. 


Is There a Difference Between MFA and 2FA? 

Yes. Multi-Factor authentication requires two or more factors of authentication. Two-factor authentication requires exactly two factors of authentication. 


What Is MFA and What Does It Do? 

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication and is a security method that is becoming more important as attacks on users’ accounts get increasingly complex.  

MFA adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring you to authenticate yourself after signing in with your username and password. Typically, authentication is done through a temporary passcode, texted to a designated phone number, but other methods also exist. 

This way even if someone has been able to get your username and password your account is still safe, as when they try to log in you will receive the MFA Prompt to be able to allow the account to log in. This can also be a good indicator of a breach of your account information if you begin receiving prompts that you are not sending yourself and may indicate a password change is needed. 


How Would It Benefit My Business? 

The added layer of security ensures that in the event login details were hacked or stolen the cyber-criminals would be unable to access your systems. 

Businesses that proactively implement an MFA solution can significantly minimise their risk of costly data breaches, whilst maintaining productivity and business continuity. 


Why Should I Implement This for My Business Now? 

The increase of remote working is becoming widespread practice for many industries, raising questions and concerns about how businesses can ensure the continued security of their remote workforces. Businesses need a reliable solution to protect their employees, critical data, and sensitive information. A fully comprehensive, professionally managed, authentication solution will help prevent unwanted users from accessing employee’s systems. 



There are 2 common ways to set up MFA. Firstly, an online prompt from logging in over the web, or the prompt from logging into your computer connected to the cloud. 

Acknowledgment of these prompts can be achieved through an Authenticator application, such as Microsoft Authenticator, or simply by receiving a code through SMS or landline. 

How Can We Help? 

Shackleton Technologies can assist your company in the setup of cybersecurity. Setting up MFA and all the product solutions you require to keep your business safe and compliant. A proactive and cost-effective decision to protect your business against costly data breaches and emerging sophisticated cyber threats/attacks.   


Guide on what to implement as a cyber security priority for your business by Shackleton technologies

Our guide on what to implement as a cyber security priority 

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