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Telephony and Communications

The increasing number of communications and networking options available to your business can leave you feeling blindsided with no clear path to selection, implementation, or convergence. 

There’s also that worry of which provider you turn to when you have an issue… is it your Internet provider, Telecoms provider or IT Support? 

All of this, combined with the upcoming PSTN* Switch Off, means it’s time to consider your telephony options. 

*(Public Switched Telephone Network)

The easiest way to solve these issues is to host it all under one roof and leave it to us!

Shackleton’s managed services, in partnership with Gamma, provides our clients with the confidence they need to choose and implement the right solutions for their business. 
By teaming up with Gamma, as a channel partner, we have the knowledge base and technical ability to transform your company communications with expert guidance and ongoing support.

Why it's time to upgrade your business telephony system

Now, more than ever, your business communications are a critical enabler to success. But things are changing in the world of telecoms and your existing telephony solution might become obsolete soon.

What's happening?

In 2017, BT Openreach announced that they were going to switch off traditional landlines in 2025. This is commonly referred to as the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Come December 2025 the UK Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) network will cease to exist.

What's the alternative?

Voice over the Internet (VoIP) services uses your internet connection to transmit voice calls. This is a much better alternative to traditional landlines, and it will be the industry standard for years to come. 

VoIP is delivered by Over the top (OTT) applications to which new features are added regularly, it gives your business more flexibility and it can be used on a variety of devices – from desk phones to mobiles, tablets, and computers.

VoIP solutions offer a range of advantages over traditional landlines. 

A VoIP solution is: 

  • Scalable: It grows with your business and adjusts to your needs. 
  • Flexible: It doesn’t tie you to a physical location. 
  • Cost-effective: There are no initial and ongoing maintenance costs. 
  • Future-proof: It won’t become obsolete for a long time. 
  • Productivity: Productivity enhancing features such as multi-site integrations, call recording, call management and much more. 

It’s time to start planning your move to the future of business communications – the longer you wait, the more opportunities you’re missing. 

Download our FREE GUIDE about the PSTN switch off! 
To understand the impact of the PSTN Switch Off and how VoIP can benefit your business, request a FREE guide below. 



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Telephony and communications

Telephony and Communications |The Benefits of VoIP