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Cloud Hosted Telephony - The Solution To Your Telephone System

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An effective phone system is essential for every successful business and allows you to communicate with new and existing clients. Despite its importance, businesses continue to have problems with their phone systems. 

UK companies are losing £11 billion a year due to poor customer service and small to medium businesses in the UK lose on average £90 million per year, due to missed calls during busy periods.  

*Business Reporter 2022 

Common Problems Businesses Face

Common Problems Businesses Face 

  • Current system has become costly to maintain 
  • Unable to add additional extensions (the maximum number of lines a system can take) 
  • Unused and outdated desk phones 
  • Limited features, just ‘voice’ with no frills 
  • Losing business through missed calls 
  • Expensive international call forwarding 
  • Losing business because customers are unsatisfied with your current system 

Even just a couple of these issues can significantly impact the operation of your business. 

Introducing A VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems work by converting audio signals into digital signals. Phone conversations are transformed into digital signals that travel by fibre optic cables over broadband internet. 

This type of phone system is often the most cost-efficient option. You will also get all the features offered by a traditional phone system and more. 

VoIP systems offer a number of advanced features. These include the ability to make and receive calls as well as listen to your voicemail from your mobile devices like laptops, computers, and tablets. 

How Introducing A VoIP Phone System Could Help Resolve These Issues

  • VoIP offers built-in flexibility for your business needs  
  • Offers scalability for growing businesses  
  • Productivity enhancing features, such as multi-site integrations, caller cording, call management and so much more  
  • Initial outlay costs are quickly recovered by removing the problems. Ongoing costs can then be predictable  
  • Self-manage with the ability to add new users, extensions, etc.  
  • Higher availability due to the resilient cloud hosting system  
  • Connect from any location with an internet connection. 

Preparing For The Future

Getting a new business phone system can be a huge investment. You must consider your future business goals. 

The size and spread of your business can determine which type of phone system is your best option. For example, if you plan to grow your business, you need a phone system that offers scalability. 

If your business is large or plans to grow, you may need more lines. Planning can save you money overall by helping you choose the best type of phone system for your business plan. 

The future of your telephony will very much depend on the type of business you run. An accounting firm might want to interact virtually, while a mechanic working out of a garage may continue more traditional, face to face communication.  

We understand which technology is relevant to each market. If you are unsure or would like to know more about your options, please contact Shackleton today to discuss how we can help. 

What Next?

A business phone system can improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. The hardest part is choosing the right type and the right provider. 

When choosing a business phone system provider, choose a company that offers superior customer service. The best business phone system provider will help you evaluate your current and future business needs and develop a solution that works for you. 

Contact us today and learn more about how our products and services can help support your business. 

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