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Introduction to Microsoft Loop Components

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Written by Annette Wilson

The New Collaborative App from Microsoft

Over the last few years, the way businesses operate has changed quite considerably. Our work environments are no longer a single or fixed location, but rather a combination of hybrid and remote working practices.  

Organisations require tools that can adapt to our ever-evolving need for collaboration and embrace the modern workplace.” 

Microsoft Loop is a transformative co-creation experiencecombining a powerfulflexible canvas, with portable components that move freely across Microsoft 365 applications 

Loop brings teams, content, and tasks together across multiple applications and devicesIt is all about people who want to create together effortlessly, no matter where they are or what tools they use. 

Whether you are managing a project, brainstorming, collaboratingor just focussing a discussion, you often need to share pieces of information with diverse groups of people, some of whom may not be within your immediate team. 

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With Microsoft Loop, you can organise everything you need in one handy ‘Loop Workspace,’ where you can group together relevant pieces of information gathered and generated for the project you are working on. 

Microsoft Loop Components allow you to capture and structure any content on a canvas or ‘Loop page.’ It’s a little like your very own interactive notebook! You can then simply copy and paste across M365 apps, including Teams chat and Outlook, ensuring you share the right information with the right people. 

Tip: Using the short cut key “/” followed by; ‘insert menu,’ add label,’ ‘task list,’ ‘images, ‘process trackers,’ or tables it’s a breeze to share information with your colleagues. 
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You can share entire pages too, either as a link or as a live page, allowing colleagues to respond to you in real-time without interrupting the flow of their work. For example, a colleague who prefers email can add their input to the Loop componentor pagefrom their email. If they are working in Teams, they can add the loop component to a chat. 

Any changes are reflected immediately across all the places where the component or page was sharedensuring everyone is kept up to date and focused on the most important aspects of the work. 

Loop components are saved automatically to your OneDrive, which means you can easily find them by accessing or Microsoft Teams. 

Notifications from the Loop app keep you in control of your time and attention. You can view @mentions, assigned tasks, and replies all in one place, ensuring you never miss important updates from your team. 

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