Autotask Community Live, Barcelona

Shackleton Technologies

Written by Shackleton Technologies

Last month we had the great pleasure of attending the first ever Autotask Community Live! held in Europe. The event was held in Barcelona on 16-18 October with over 300 attendees. Autotask is the world's leading hosted IT business management software used by technology solution providers like Shackleton.

We have been using Autotask for 2 years now and events like this are fantastic for the training and educational sessions, plus the opportunity to meet and network with our peers who are interested in growing their business. Also present are the best solution providers in our industry which means that Shackleton is always at the forefront of what is happening in our industry and passing our knowledge and experience to our clients.

The next Autotask global event is in Miami in June 2014. It’s difficult to say no to that!

I Travel with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2

A recent train journey down to London for business gave me a bit of a dilemma: I was keen to make use of the uninterrupted idle time to work on strategy and financial planning for Shackleton but didn’t want to take my relatively bulky laptop for a couple of reasons. Could the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 be the answer?

Looking forward to the next stage of our brand development

Looking forward to the next stage of our brand development with Edinburgh-based Elastic Creative #exciting times ahead!!