Shackleton participates in Innovation for Growth Week at Abertay University’s Dundee Business School

Steve Ross

Written by Steve Ross

We were delighted to have been invited to participate in the exciting Innovation for Growth Week held at Abertay University’s Business School which saw myself and Philip Magson post a real-life business scenario challenge to students on Friday 7th March.

After giving a brief explanation of what our business does, we chose a subject close to our hearts: Project Management, and explained both our current processes to the students and the areas that showed room for improvement. Briefing over, we handed over to them to ask questions, brainstorm and come up with some clever ideas.

Despite being entirely new to the workings of our business, the 30 or so students that attended the challenge were very engaged throughout and asked very insightful questions indeed. In fact, so much so that we had to limit the number of questions so they could get on with the important job of coming up with some answers!

The whole morning has proved to be a great success; we received excellent feedback from the students on our current processes and the areas in which we can improve. The students themselves learnt about a new area of business, learnt about some of the challenges we and other small companies face and we’re sure this practical experience will sit well alongside the theory they are studying at University.

All in all, a very worthwhile educational experience for all involved and one we look forward to repeating!

Does the UK Government Have Its Head in the Cloud?

We are all more than aware of the Government’s drive for more efficient public spending and one particularly interesting area from our standpoint is the recent announcement that Vodafone has launched a new ‘Flexible Computing for Government’ which relies heavily on - you guessed it - the Cloud. As we are huge fans of the Cloud here at Shackleton, the news piqued our interest.

Windows XP is dead, long live Windows 7/8.

Microsoft first realised their operating system XP on the August 24 2001 the same year Apple announced iTunes and when Wikipedia first went online. Thirteen years ago. Not many products with such a massive daily influence have lasted so long and still 38% of computers in the work place still run this software.