Shackleton Attends Microsoft's High Noon Lunch

Steve Ross

Written by Steve Ross

In February, we were delighted to attend a High Noon lunch with Microsoft as part of Dundee's Business Week. We had the opportunity to hear keynote speeches from Microsoft's Scottish Director Peter Ferry and Dundee's very own Chris Van Der Kuyl, who spoke about the future of technology in business and how it can help you innovate.

Chris is chairman of 4J studios; one of the most successful videogames developers in the UK and the creator of the multi-award winning Minecraft Console edition, so we were keen to learn from him and pick his brain in the Q&A session.

The day also put a spotlight on Cloud storage and how it can grow your business through increased productivity – an area we're already very experienced in. The presentations covered several topics that we've written about in our blogs but still gave us a lot of food for thought.

Near the end of the day, we met Microsoft's team of Ambassadors and their Demonstration Unit, who gave us advice on installing the latest IT systems into a business and how they can be used to streamline business functions.

Overall, it was a fantastic day with a tasty two-course lunch – more soup next time! We'll certainly look out for similar events at the next Dundee Business Week.

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