Hosted Desktops Could Benefit Your Business

25 April 2019

Could 'Hosted Desktop' Technology Future-Proof Your Business Computers?

As PCs get older they slow down, affecting productivity in the process. Could thin client technologies solve that problem?

EoSL Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

17 April 2019

Microsoft Products – End of Service Life (EoSL) – January 14th 2020

It seems like only the other day we were lamenting the demise of Windows XP and now, here we are, heralding the death knell for another two Microsoft stalwarts, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

IT Security - More than Viruses

10 April 2019

IT Security - More Than Just Viruses

Many SMEs approach information technology security in terms of what they can actually see, like ransomware taking over their PCs. But some security risks are much more subtle...

Animation showing IT being used to build a world class team

5 April 2019

Using Information Technology to Build a World Class Team

Technology has the potential to break down barriers, cross borders and enable collaboration across the world.

Scales Balancing

25 March 2019

Information Technology Project Investment - Using OpEx instead of CapEx...

Funding IT infrastructure investment through operational expenditure (OpEx) rather than capital expenditure (CapEx) can be a solution for most businesses struggling with cash flow.

Business Benefits of Investing in IT

7 March 2019

The Business Benefits of Investing in Information Technology

There are many business benefits to be gained from investing in your business' IT infrastructure. It improves morale. It reduces the overall risk to businesses. Productivity is improved as teams work smarter. Business continuity, collaborative working and working from anywhere are other central benefits.

Proofing your Business against Local Disaster - Fire and Water

21 February 2019

Fire at St Andrews University - Proofing your Business Against a Local IT Disaster

When the Biomedical Sciences Building at the University of St Andrews caught fire, years worth of research was at risk. Is your business's IT disaster planning strategy up to scratch? Do you have one?

The IT Subscription Model

14 February 2019

The Subscription Model is Here to Stay

The information technology industry is increasingly using the 'subscription model' to charge clients for services and products provided. In this way, world class IT security and business continuity solutions are now much more accessible to businesses.

Spinning world- location location location

1 February 2019

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or London - Wherever You Are We Can Support Your Business

Remote access tools are faster and far more useful and practical than ever before, and our skilled engineers can provide remote support to clients located in London, every bit as well as we can to more “local” clients in Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow.