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GDPR: It’s real, it’s expensive and it applies to you too

The hype surrounding GDPR has died down since go-live – but there are warning signs that the ICO is cracking down.

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Why you need professional help when Windows updates

The latest Windows 10 update has caused a lot of unexpected problems – you need professional assistance to avoid them.

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From ‘The Apprentice’ to IT Technician

It’s been 3 months since Morgan came to Shackleton from an Apprentice IT engineering role at St Andrews University, where he was part of a 100-strong team supporting students, academics and support staff who, in the main, were using identical systems.

animated lines forming the V&A Dundee building

V&A Partner with Shackleton for IT Support

Shackleton Technologies has been working with Design Dundee Ltd, the organisation setup to deliver the V&A Museum of Design in Dundee, since early 2017 after winning the IT Support tender.

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Lessons in Leadership

There are great values to be learned by modern day leaders in this story of passion, trust, teamwork, devotion and yes, even love. But do these values still exist in businesses today?

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It’s all about the Relationship...

Life’s all about great relationships; whether these are personal, social or indeed in a business capacity. Investing the time and energy on these relationships can be very rewarding.

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Microsoft Windows is Still King

A range of new Apple devices are on the way – but do business users really care?

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A Return to the Retro Office….

As a business, would you ever consider returning to the 1980’s when typewriters were commonplace? No, I thought not. It would be too much of a backward step for most and who can operate a typewriter these days?

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It’s The End Of Life For Windows 7 – Act Now

With less than 18 months to go until Microsoft pulls support for Windows 7, it's time for organisations to think strategically for the transition to Windows 10.