How Secure is Your Start-Up?

With Scotland's capital city being named as one of the best places in the UK for start-up businesses, we take a look at why IT Security shouldn't be at the bottom of your "to-do" list...

The Shoe’s on the Other Foot Now!

Every day we advise clients on their IT requirements – it’s what we do. Well - guess what? The time has come again to look at our IT infrastructure. Now I know how our clients feel!

The Limitations of Your IT BackUp System

It’s hardly an earth-shattering statement, but a chain really is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s a proverb everyone is very familiar with, and it’s one I use every single day when I’m talking to businesses about their IT and the security of their infrastructure. It’s certainly something that…

How Can Robert De Niro Help You Choose a Secure Password?

We’ve all heard it a million times, but it bears repeating: as much as they are a pain in the ass, a strong password is the very first line of defence when it comes to your personal & business IT security. Until biometrics have become advanced enough to replace the need for passwords altogether, they…

Ethical Hacking - A Cyber Security Event

We at Shackleton thoroughly enjoy a networking event. The opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, sprinkled liberally with bacon rolls or sandwiches and some high quality presentations, sees us beat a path to any door.

The General Data Protection Regulation: Shackleton’s Analysis

With Britain’s recent decision to leave the EU there is a lot confusion about which regulations and rules will continue to affect British businesses after we leave the economic bloc. One regulation in particular could have huge ramifications for your business…

Technology Hits of 2016

2016 is now behind us and as New Year’s resolutions lie around us in tatters, this seems like a good time for a look back at a huge year in technology….

2016 – What a Year for Everyone!

With 2016 almost over, Steve Ross takes a look back at Shackleton’s highlights from the past 12 months and looks forward to what 2017 might bring…

Identifying the Threats to your Network

To remain competitive, every business must reflect on its service offerings and products. Shackleton is no different.