14 December 2016

2016 – What a Year for Everyone!

With 2016 almost over, Steve Ross takes a look back at Shackleton’s highlights from the past 12 months and looks forward to what 2017 might bring…

18 August 2016

A World Class Company: Today’s IT World, Tomorrow

In the latest blog for his World Class Company series, Shackleton's very own M.D., Steve Ross, reflects on the changing relationship between Business, IT and You...

22 May 2016

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Internet of Things

The landscape of the world wide web is about to shift again - as the 'internet of things' changes our office environments how can your business take advantage of the Internet of Things?

11 May 2016

The Cloud: FAQs

Don’t let cloud confuse you: this month, we’re answering the most common questions we receive from clients dealing with their own cloud computing environments...

21 April 2016

Distance Is No Longer An Object

In the office, at home, or on the road - the cloud has given small businesses an unprecedented level of connectivity and continuity...

14 April 2016

Is the Cloud Really for you?

Multifaceted and multifunctional, the cloud is in almost every workplace - but how does it actually help... and does your business need it?

7 April 2016

What is the Cloud?

Chances are, you rely on it every day as part of your business routine, but what is the cloud - and why should your organisation care about it?

24 March 2016

Understanding Cyber-Security: Shackleton's Thoughts

Cyber-security is more important than ever to small businesses. To help you build your defensive strategy, we look back on our recent cyber-security discussions.

17 March 2016

Common Cyber-Security Misconceptions

Misconceptions about cyber-security can lead to disaster: make sure your small to medium business doesn't underestimate the threats it faces...