Multi-layered Cyber Security to protect you from threats

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Multi-layered Cyber Security to protect you from threats

Schedule a quick call with the team to find out what we can do for you.

Don't wait for a security breach to happen before taking the steps to protect your business

Protect your business from cyber security breaches | Minimise Risk

Minimise the risk of compromised data which could cost your business thousands

Avoid downtime for your business | Protect against malicious cyber attacks | IT Support Dundee

Avoid the downtime and stress caused by malicious cyber attacks

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Continually evolving our service to protect you against the latest threats

Data privacy is at the forefront of many users’ minds.  With our Cyber Security solutions, we minimise the risk of compromised data, protecting your reputation and your bottom line.

Compromised data incidents halt workflow and productivity as you get systems back up and running.  Investing in robust Cyber Security solutions not only minimises the chance of an attack, but also ensures you’re up and running faster if the worst happens.

Cyber criminals and hackers continually change their tactics to try and infiltrate even the most sophisticated security systems.  We regularly evolve our Cyber Security solutions to ensure we’re using the most up-to-date prevention tactics to keep you safe.

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"Having Shackleton in the wings hasn't just given us operational stability, it's given us renewed confidence in everything we do."

Finance Director, Caledonia Housing Association

Multi-layered security Suite to prevent cyber threats

The more complex your security suite, the harder it is for cyber criminals to hack.  We use a multi-layered approach to create multiple shields around your networks, software and data, better protecting them from attacks.

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Security audit and solutions to secure your entire network - giving you confidence your business is protected

As well as building a comprehensive, bespoke security solution for your business, we also regularly audit your systems to evaluate your defences and keep them resilient.  You’ll have total confidence that your business is protected against even the most malicious hackers.

In-house training to ensure your staff are alert to potential Cyber Security threats

9 out of 10 cyber threats come from emails delivered directly to your staff.  As part of your Cyber Security package, we’ll conduct in-depth training with your team and regular audits to ensure they’re always alert to potential new threats.

It is widely recognised that employees are vulnerable to targeted attacks.  Security incidents are significantly reduced by raising employee awareness of cybercrime, training employees with the correct skills and keeping them vigilant.

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Shackleton's Security Suite
Web Filtering - part of Shackleton Technologies Cyber Security Suite Package

Web Filtering

Patch Management | Cyber Security Suite with Shackleton Technologies Dundee Fife

Patch Management

Email Filtering as part of Shackleton's Cyber Security Suite Package | Protecting your business from cyber attacks online - Dundee

Email Filtering

Antivirus Software - part of Shackleton Technologies Cyber Security Suite Package

Antivirus Software

Firewalls - Part of Shackleton Technologies Cyber Security Suite Package _ Keeping your business safe online _ Prevent Cyber attacks _ Dundee


Security Permissions- Part of Shackleton Technologies Cyber Security Suite Package _ Keeping your business safe online _ Prevent Cyber attacks _ Dundee

Security Permissions

Awareness Training and Testing - Part of Shackleton Technologies Cyber Security Suite Package _ Keeping your business safe online _ Prevent Cyber attacks _ Dundee

Awareness Training & Testing

How our Cyber Security service works
Consultation to ensure we have a full picture of your business security

Our services aren’t one-size-fits-all, they’re bespoke to your business.  That’s why we’ll always begin with a thorough consultation process to gain a full picture of your risk-level and specific security needs.

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We recommend a Cyber Security strategy tailored to your business

Once we have a full picture of your security needs, we’ll recommend a strategy to suit.  This means you’ll only pay for the services you need.  Not only that, but you’ll have the most comprehensive defence against threats relevant to your business and industry.

Implementation of your Cyber Security solution, 24/7 monitoring and ongoing training

From here, we’ll then implement your Cyber Security solution and have your business protected from cyber attacks.  You’ll also benefit from 24/7 security monitoring to keep your systems and people savvy to the latest security threats.

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Steve Ross, Managing Director of Shackleton Technologies, Dundee - Your Trusted IT Partner | Tayside
"Our Cyber Security services aren't one-size-fits-all, they're bespoke for each individual client. This way we can ensure your business has the ideal solution for your needs - keeping your data and profits as safe as possible."

Steve Ross, MD @ Shackleton

Cyber Essentials is a Cyber Security certification scheme developed by the UK Government as part of its National Cyber Security Strategy to make the country a safer place to do business online.  It ensures you’re better prepared against the vast majority of cyber threats.  And, since it means you’ll be better positioned to protect your clients’ data, it inspires confidence in the people you do business with.

We’ve partnered with Cybersmart to provide efficient, effective and affordable compliance services such as Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, GDPR and other standards.  Certified organisations are awarded a Cyber Essentials badge, demonstrating they take data protection and security seriously – which can also enable them to bid for Government contracts that require Cyber Essentials certification.

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