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Collaborative working from any location

FCA&C suffered from outdated and inflexible technology: lacking a central server, the office PCs could only access each other via a local intranet, members of staff working from home were limited to basic webmail access and users were becoming frustrated at having no ability to share calendars, contacts or tasks across the organisation. The resulting lack of collaborative working was starting to hamper productivity and place unnecessary strain on day-to-day operations, so the Shackleton team was drafted in to help.

Products Used

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The Plan

With an increasing number of staff working remotely, and a desire to keep initial and ongoing costs as low as practical, Shackleton developed a detailed plan. Key to increasing collaboration and freeing users from the basic webmail system was our recommended solution – Hosted Exchange, which as a Cloud-based product would allow staff access to their email from anywhere and with its monthly subscription model remain cost-effective far into the future.

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Case Study

The Journey

The Shackleton team’s implementation plan aimed for minimum disruption to email services, a structured and complete migration of all users’ email and timely completion. Breaking the project across three key stages the team worked through Project Planning and Scheduling, Preparatory Work for Migration and On-site Mailbox Migration, completely seamlessly.

The Goal

The solution has transformed internal and external communication, allowing the team to communicate more effectively from wherever they are. Hosted Exchange allowed FCA&C to avoid the considerable capital expense and ongoing cost of an in-house server and provides huge future flexibility as the organisation develops and continues to fulfil its role bringing contemporary art to an eager public.

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Client Testomonial

“As a small organisation, we rely heavily on email for much of our day to day work. As our working patterns have changed in the last few years, it had also become noticeable that our existing IT structure did not keep up the pace! Shackleton’s solution was exactly what we wanted, allowing for complete flexibility whether in the office, or out of the office. Our dealings with the company were highly efficient from the start giving us the confidence that the switchover from POP3 to cloud based email would be painless. The technical support we’ve received has also been excellent and we feel much more streamlined in our working practice as a result.”

Susan - Programme Manager