IT strategy and support to help you reach your business goals

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IT Solutions

IT strategy and support to help you reach your business goals

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IT Solutions

Managed IT services and support

Spend less time worrying about IT and more time growing your business

"Shackleton was a core part of our team. During the opening period, everything worked as expected, with no niggles or teething problems. It is a testament to everyone involved in getting everything into place and on time."

Digital Manager, V&A Dundee

How our IT support can transform your business

Focus less on IT and more on your goals

IT support keeps your business operations smooth and efficient.  With less time spent diagnosing IT problems and dealing with painfully slow connections, your team can stay focussed and on task throughout the day.

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Enhanced IT, reduced total cost

We don’t just upgrade your IT, we also give you access to a dedicated team of IT specialists – at a fraction of the price it would cost to employ an IT team in-house.  This frees up valuable budget that you can reinvest in growth.

Dedicated support to help you

Downtime caused by IT issues can seriously impact productivity and hurt your bottom line.  With a dedicated support team, we’ll ensure you have less technical issues and have them dealt with faster when you do.

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The Shackleton team will support your business on every step of its journey

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Got a question for us - just ask?
Below are a few that are most commonly asked:

We believe that any successful business relationship is based upon working together as a partnership with the foundation being excellent communication, trust and understanding.  First and foremost, our goal is to find exactly the right solution to suit your business.

We think like business people because that is what we are.  Some IT providers can be "too technical" - but we talk to you like humans, in every day language you can actually understand.  As business folk ourselves, we truly understand your strategic goals and vision.

We will schedule a time that suits you for a quick call to get to know a little more about your business and find out if we can help.  If we both agree that is looks like a good fit, we'll arrange a more in-depth call to start mapping out a bespoke solution for your needs.

Every business is different, so we can't give you an upfront cost.  We need to know how we can help you first before we talk about pricing.  As ours is a value-added service, we need to understand your business first before we can recommend how we can help you.

Absolutely!  Our expertise is in IT infrastructure and how this benefits your business now and in the future.  We can also bring in experts where appropriate who can assist you in the other areas where they can help, and we can work together.

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