IT strategy & planning services to help you get the most from your technology

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IT strategy & planning services to help you get the most from your technology

Hit the button below to schedule a quick call with the team to get started.

IT Planning and Budgeting

Regular investment in IT saves costs over the medium to long-term.   We ensure you get the most from your IT and stretch your budget further.

Network and Cyber Security

Investing in your IT security keeps your business and data protected from online threats and physical disruptions.

Business Continuity

Prevent data loss and secure your most valuable assets with our business resilience planning.

Ensure these systems continue to benefit your organisiation. We provide installation and support, whenever and however you need it.

Pick the right solutions, maximise ROI from your technology and stretch your budget further with our IT Strategy and Planning Services.

IT strategy and consultancy

Caledonia Housing Association - IT Partner of Shackleton Technologies Dundee | Cyber Security

"Having Shackleton in the wings hasn't just given us operational stability, it's given us renewed confidence in everything we do."

Finance Director, Caledonia Housing Association

What our IT strategy and planning services can do for you

IT Support Dundee
Grow and scale your business faster and more efficiently

Anytime access to IT experts who guide you in finding the best technologies to support the growth of your business and help you scale.

IT Resources
IT Support Edinburgh
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IT Support Edinburgh

Gain absolute confidence you're making the best business decisions

Have reassurance you’re making the best decisions to achieve your business goals with consultation from business-savvy industry experts.

Minimise downtime and reduce the risk of cyber threats

We help you keep risks to a minimum and get up and running faster in the event of a disaster – ensuring productivity and profit-margins don’t suffer.

IT Support Dundee
IT Support Edinburgh

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Steve Ross, Managing Director of Shackleton Technologies, Dundee - Your Trusted IT Partner | Tayside

"IT strategy and planning prime your business for future growth and helps protect you against the unforeseen. It's all about maximising productivity and profit margins for your business!"

Steve Ross, MD @ Shackleton

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