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Remote Working Survival Kit

Download our useful ‘Remote Working Survival Kit’ for tips and advice on how you and your business can make the most of working remotely.

Teams User Guide PDF cover

Teams User Guide

We have created a quick help guide to help you navigate Microsoft Teams and the features available to you.

Remote Working Survival Kit PDF cover

Crash Course in Office 365

Learn how to coauthor a document with anyone in real time, and use the power of AI to create strong effective content with less effort.

Crash Course in Microsoft Office 365 Guide Cover

Foundations of Cybersecurity

To truly protect your business, it is essential to implement a layered security approach, combining multiple solutions to defend your I.T system.

Foundations in Cybersecurity Guide PDF cover

Secure Remote Working

With more businesses adopting remote working, what should businesses do to ensure they are "Cyber Secure"?

Secure Remote Working Guide PDF cover

Social Media Policy

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool, but it can create significant risks to your company. It's important to have clear guidelines for social media activity.

Social Media Policy PDF cover

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Shackleton's Top 10 Tips For Zoom Calls

Whilst the country is self-isolating, and many people are working from home there has been a sudden increase in the use of virtual call software both for business (and personal) use to communicate with work colleagues, friends, and family to stay connected.

How to keep your devices clean - coronavirus

How to Keep your Devices Clean During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Science demonstrates that viruses like to breed on high touch items such as mobile phones and computer keyboards.

Working from Home Plan

What is your Company's Work from Home Plan?

As the coronavirus in the UK moves into the ‘delay’ phase we are aware of the impact this virus could have on where, when and how we work.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 provides the collaboration tools and software as a service solution for businesses of all sizes. Being cloud based means that employees can access all applications included within their subscription level remotely.



Teams provides easy access to the information needed in a dedicated hub forteamwork from either a desktop app or online.
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For some companies, SharePoint can completely replace a server as the primary way to store and share files. Depending on the settings configured in the security and compliance section you can also share files with partners, named guests or anonymous user.
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Office Apps

The office apps come in two versions – Online and Desktop versions. Both versions support Co-Authoring and collaboration on all of the popular operating systems.
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Collaboration and Tools For Productivity

Collaboration Tools

For those who have not yet migrated to Office 365, there are a number of tools you can use to facilitate remote working. We have listed a few of the best in our guide.
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Video Meetings

When we can't meet face-to-face, video conferencing tools can help maintain those all important relationships with your colleagues and clients. Here are a few to consider.
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Productivity Tools

Staying productive at this time has its challenges. Here’s a few tools that make working from home easier.
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