Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

How would your business respond to a major incident like a fire, flood or security breach? What would happen to your data? Are you confident you have the contingency plans in place to get your business up and running in a short space of time, or will it take weeks to get back to ‘business as usual’.

These are just some of the scenarios that can happen to businesses. It’s essential to prepare for such incidents by having contingency plans in place, utilising the solutions available. This reduces the risk to data loss and downtime, ensuring the impact to your business is minimal.

This is where Shackleton comes in. We want to make sure that your business can carry on trading, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. With expert advice and the correct business continuity solution, your business can recover from major incidents in the shortest possible timeframe.

For business continuity purposes, Shackleton’s preferred solution is Datto. Datto is the global leader in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions, for businesses of all sizes. Datto solutions can help us recover our clients’ files, or even failed systems within minutes.

Their solutions use image based backups in conjunction with a cloud based hybrid model; providing enterprise level protection at small business prices, for physical, virtual, or cloud based infrastructures, running Windows, Mac or Linux.

Datto’s next generation disaster recovery and business continuity solutions utilise robust software, custom hardware and virtual appliance options, which can be located on-premise or securely in the cloud, for total flexibility and security.

At Shackleton we understand your business is unique, which is why we work uniquely, to truly protect your business. The Datto product range marries well with our business approach using the latest technology to protect your business.

With so many on-premise and cloud-based backup, business continuity and disaster recovery technologies on offer today, it can be extremely difficult to know which options are best for your organisation. Shackleton can help you find the right solution for your business.

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