Veeam Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Veeam is a specialist technology company headquartered in Switzerland and with offices in over 30 countries, specialising in the development of backup and disaster recovery software, for virtual, physical and cloud based environments.

They recognised, that modern businesses, all over the world, were continually striving to survive and grow, which prompted them to develop award winning backup software, to support this “Always-On” approach, utilising proven image and replication protocols.

Veeam also feature regularly as one of the “Leaders” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for backup and recovery software.

Veeam software helps organisations of all sizes to maintain availability, by helping them reduce recovery times for data and applications for any environment, effectively providing non-stop business continuity and maximising operational performance.

They are one of the global market leaders for backup and disaster recovery in all types of virtual and cloud-based storage technologies, helping mitigate risk and promote availability.

Veeam was one of the very first technology companies to develop backup software, specifically for virtual machines (VMs – which is where the company name comes from). Before then, backup software was incapable of differentiating between physical and virtual machines.

Veeam started life as a highly innovative supplier to the SMB market and soon expanded to include the enterprise business market. Further expansion saw them specialising in specific verticals, including Government and education and now widely regarded as global leaders in data backup, disaster recovery and business resilience.

Veeam software is one of the solutions we consider when implementing business resilience to our clients. Contact us now for more information on how we can assist your business resilience strategy.