Internet connectivity is key to any business and loss of internet can have considerable implications. This is why we work with some of the leading providers in the country to ensure that your business internet connection meets your needs.

Internet connectivity has changed dramatically over the years and with many options available most people focus on speed and price with key criteria are often overlooked.  Some business products are not dissimilar to consumer products, i.e.

Contention determines how many other customers share your bandwidth.

Latency is when delays occur transferring information which can make even high speed connections seem slow.

Resilience of the network you are connected to and the provider itself play a big part in the likelihood of a significant outage on your internet connection.

Support offered by your provider will determine how quickly they will act and how effectively they will resolve issues.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) determine how quickly your connection issue will be resolved should a fault occur and potentially the compensation you’ll receive for extended outages.

Choosing the right connection type along with provider can make a huge difference to your business.

Our network of providers offer a number of connectivity solutions for businesses across the country.  Availability of each product depends on your local exchange and the surrounding infrastructure.

Entry Level

ADSL & FTTC offer entry level business grade broadband connectivity for businesses at varying speeds, depending on the proximity to the nearest cabinet or exchange.  These products are ideal for small businesses who only need basic connectivity.  With the correct product, these services can also be utilised for small scale VoIP telephony solutions.

Mid Range

EFM and EoFTTC offer more suitable low cost solutions for the SME market due to their improved SLA’s and contention.  These solutions also provide the same upload and download speeds, unlike entry level options, and can be installed in a relatively short space of time compared to high end solutions.

High End

Fibre Leased Lines and Pure Fibre offer high grade, multigigabit high speed internet connectivity. These connections are fully uncontended, with low latency and are ideal for medium and larger business who rely completely on the internet. 

Shackleton Technologies has vast experience in all kinds of internet and point-to-point connectivity and if you would like to know what is right for your business and what is possible, get in touch.