Voice over Internet Protocol, more commonly referred to as VoIP, offers a number of benefits over traditional PBX solutions. Most notably, cost savings.

Where traditional PBX solutions use dedicated phone lines and have costs associated with each call made, VoIP solutions use the internet for all traffic and for the majority of clients the call costs are included.

The added features of VoIP telephony make it a simple choice for many businesses.

  • Option of On-Premise or Hosted
  • Desktop, Softphone or Mobile App options
  • Flexible Working
  • Simple, Intuitive Configuration Dashboard

Assuming suitable connectivity is available, hosted VoIP solutions are a perfect fit for most businesses.  With no requirement for any on-premise phone system, the overall cost savings compared to a traditional phone system are unquestionable. 

The flexibility to pick up your desk phone and take it home, install a software based phone (softphone) on your business laptop, or install an app on your mobile phone, introduces flexibility  allowing you to work seamlessly from anywhere.

No matter your size, contact Shackleton for advice on how we can save you money and increase your flexible working options.

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