Wide Area Networks

Wide Area Networks (WAN) are private communications networks linking numerous smaller Local Area Networks (LAN) over a large geographical area. In a large company a WAN may connect headquarters, branch and site offices and any other offices belonging to the company. Banks are classic examples of how WANs connect numerous smaller branch and cloud based networks.

WANs allow companies to share access to business applications, services and other resources and make it easier for remotes branches to collaborate and communicate effectively.

A WAN can span vast geographical areas, including cities and even countries and when they are used to connect a business’ networks together, these are called private WANs.  The largest WAN in existence is the Internet, which is a public WAN and comprises thousands of smaller networks allowing computer users in one location to communicate with users in another location.

WANs not only allow communication via computers, but also via Video Conferencing or telephone, using VOIP technology, which when correctly deployed can save businesses on the costs of traditional telephony solutions.

Shackleton Technologies has a great deal of experience supporting, managing and monitoring WANs on behalf of our larger clients.

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