Network and Data Security has become the single biggest concern to businesses the world over and is at the core of a business’s very survival.

Threats today come from every direction and never before has the onus been so great on businesses to protect themselves.  It can often seem like an impossible task to keep ahead of the latest threats and react quickly to prevent them impacting on your business.

All businesses need to have robust measures in place to protect the continuity and integrity of their network and data and measures should comprise multiple layers of hardware and software technologies to ensure maximum protection.

A generic approach to security is no longer good enough. Businesses don’t all work in the same way and most have vastly different working practices, with very specific requirements from their IT infrastructure and systems.

End Users & Security


One area which is often overlooked with security solutions is the end user.  The most stringent measures can be introduced to protect the business’ IT infrastructure but if they are overcomplicated and hinder the end users they will often bypass them.

Getting the balance between security, functionality and usability is key.  Focusing on one individual area will have a negative impact on the other two.

Shackleton Technologies has considerable experience in helping clients strike the right balance between security and ease of use.

Approach to Security

Our approach to IT infrastructure security for clients is to provide the best protection possible to meet their individual business needs.

Robust measures are implemented by providing a layered approach, incorporating a number of elements, to stop unauthorised access through malware, viruses and ransomware from impacting your business. 

Business IT security is more than implementing a product or solution, it’s a business strategy that covers many different areas.


  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus software
  • Email filtering
  • Web filtering

Management & Maintenance

  • Patch management
  • Data Security permissions & restrictions
  • End user security restrictions

Business Operations

  • End user Security Awareness Training & Testing
  • Regular User & Permissions Reviews
  • Policies & Procedures

IT Reviews

  • Recurring reviews against best practice
  • Adhering to updated guidelines and/or regulations
  • Penetration Testing

We believe this is crucial to protect your business at all levels and across numerous applications and devices. It means that you can rest easy, knowing all your systems are protected by some of the most comprehensive IT security solutions available today.


SonicWall firewalls are the first line of defence in a multi-layered security suite provided by Shackleton Technologies and protect the perimeter of your network against Internet-based security threats.

Trend Antivirus

Trend is a multi award winning company in the areas of endpoint protection, cloud security and server security and are a consistently high-performer on the acclaimed Gartner Magic Quadrant. They also continually innovate to ensure they stay one step ahead of the bad guys.


Sophos is a UK based security software company that develops products for endpoint, network and email security. They are one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2018 for Endpoint Protection and their products form an important element of Shackleton’s Security Suite.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella, formerly known as OpenDNS, is an enterprise grade, cloud security platform that specifically protects against web threats that may be missed by firewalls and antivirus solutions.

Symantec Email Security Cloud

This internet based email filter has inbuilt SLAs aimed at capturing 99% of all spam, dramatically reducing the volume of unwanted emails received by your business and removing threats, before they can infiltrate your network.

Dark Web ID

Dark Web ID proactively identifies, analyses and monitors for compromised or stolen employee and customer data. This solution can eliminate potential threats as soon as they appear, and we can provide this as an add-on to any existing security package.