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Cyber Essentials is a cyber security certification programme, developed by the UK Government as part of its National Cyber Security Strategy to make the country a safer place to do business and transact online.

We have partnered with Cybersmart to deliver the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus programmes. Becoming certified ensures you are better prepared against the vast majority of cyber threats and can inspire confidence in clients and suppliers alike.



Certified organisations are awarded a Cyber Essentials badge, demonstrating that they take the issue of data protection, and data security seriously. This enables them to bid for certain government contracts.

CyberSmart provides smart compliance solutions for the government’s Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials plus, GDPR and other standards. Their mission is to make achieving these standards fast, easy and painless.

An increasing number of government bodies and private organisations require their suppliers to be compliant with standards such as Cyber Essentials. This includes central government, the NHS, MOD, Scottish government and many more. In addition, we have seen many businesses using Cyber Essentials as part of their GDPR readiness program.

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90% of Security Breaches can be Avoided

As part of the GCHQ accelerator, CyberSmart discovered that most businesses suffer a breach because of the "cyber basics" not being in place.

In fact, Lancaster University has shown that by implementing Cyber Essentials, over 90% of breaches could have been avoided.

In most instances it is not a lack of will, but a lack of resources. That's why Shackleton decided to partner with CyberSmart, providing efficient, effective and affordable compliance services to businesses in the UK.

By using technology, CyberSmart was able to overcome inefficiencies within the compliance process, allowing us to deliver same-day guaranteed certifications.

Going beyond a one-off implementation, CyberSmart developed a way of delivering on-going compliance. This means that once the standard is implemented, organisations never need to worry about the hustle of annual re-certification or the risks of falling out of compliance.

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