Dark Web ID

Protecting company data is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. From insider threats to ransomware, it's difficult to know how to avoid an IT security breach. Minimising your risk should be the number one business priority.

Shackleton adopts a multi-layered approach to IT security and is continually looking for solutions to help protect clients. Dark Web ID proactively identifies, analyses and monitors for compromised or stolen employee and customer data. This solution can eliminate potential threats as soon as they appear, and we can provide this as an add-on to any existing security package.

The Process

  1. Dark Web ID identifies any potential compromises to emails and passwords;
  2. A report alerts our team to fix the issue, notifying our client of the breach;
  3. Recommendations will be provided to the client to avoid a recurrence.

Many commonly used business applications, such as LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Yahoo, have suffered significant data breaches. A Password Security Report identified that over 80% of people use a similar pattern of passwords across all systems they log into, both on and off corporate networks.

Utilising the most up to date IT security offerings and taking preventative action is vital to protect your business. We can provide you with a free report to check if your company data is compromised.

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