SonicWall Business Firewall

SonicWall offers a range of business class firewalls with enterprise functionality.  The range provides firewalls for all business sizes.

  • Soho
  • TZ Series
  • NSA Series
  • SuperMassive Series

SonicWall firewalls are the first line of defence in a multi-layered security suite provided by Shackleton Technologies and protect the perimeter of your network against Internet-based security threats.

Security Features

The SonicWALL Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) is a complete suite of security services providing multi-layered protection against sophisticated attacks.

  • Caputure Advanced Threat Protection
  • Gateway Antivirus and Anti-Spyware
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Application Control
  • Content Filtering Services

SonicWall firewalls establish an effective hardware barrier, to control and secure your network from known and unknown threats. They can also be configured to allow access to and from outside networks, such as the Internet and provide a secure gateway to monitor, control and block, unwanted access as required.

These next generation firewalls use advanced security technologies and provide a superior level of protection, inspecting every packet of data simultaneously.

Shared Threat Intelligence

SonicWall has had its own threat research team for many years. This team collaborates with other threat research communities, gathering and sharing examples of attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.

This shared intelligence is then used to create countermeasures, which are deployed to customer firewalls via patches and updates.

The list of threats to modern businesses from external sources, is never ending and selecting the right firewall, to provide the right level of protection and perform at a speed that supports your network is quite critical. It can make connecting to your central network from remote locations faster, smoother and safer and this can actually aid productivity.

SonicWall firewalls are a fundamental component in Shackleton’s multi-layered security suite, which has been designed to deliver class-leading threat protection to your business.

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