– Hosted Email Filtering

Shackleton uses hosted antispam as one of the many elements of our multi-layered Security Suite.

This internet based email filter has inbuilt SLAs aimed at capturing 99% of all spam, dramatically reducing the volume of unwanted emails received by your business thereby removing threats before they can infiltrate your network.

It is compatible with the top email platforms, is scalable to suit businesses of all sizes and is a very cost-effective step towards enhancing security. is a managed email filtering service that does not require additional hardware or devices. It can be quickly deployed for any email environment.

One of the key benefits of email filtering is that users can be confident the emails they receive are genuine business emails, so they don’t need to waste time searching through junk messages. It also helps protect your business bandwidth as the junk is stopped from reaching your network.

As a managed service, is always on and up to date, providing continuous protection and importantly, you never have to worry about the updates.

Deployment is a quick and easy process and is paid for on a fixed monthly subscription. Price is based on the number of users and can be quickly scaled up as your business grows.

Shackleton’s Security Suite utilises a number of software systems in conjunction with hardware network perimeter protection and it is this multi-layering of security that makes our Suite so effective.

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