Microsoft Office 365 Support

With Office 365 you can access the Microsoft Office tools you rely on almost anywhere, helping your business team and customers connect easily and securely wherever they are.

Work Anywhere

With access to Microsoft Office 365 on desktop, tablet and mobile, your team can stay productive and connected across all locations and on the move.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Collaborate with your team and customers on documents that are always up-to-date, always backed up and always available; write notes, create spreadsheets, share your comments and put the finishing touches to your next presentation.


Online meetings with multi-party high definition video conferencing, real-time note-taking and screen-sharing brings your team together from all locations.

Email & Calendars

Enterprise-grade email, hosted in the cloud with shared calendars always up-to-date and a completely scalable and flexible licence model. This is the way to run business email.

Greater Online Availability

Office 365 provides a full on-site experience, with all Office 365 applications hosted locally. In addition, Office Web Apps runs Office 365 in the Cloud allowing quick viewing, editing and sharing of documents on the move, on almost any device.

Easy to Use

  • Quick set-up – Office 365 is quick to install and deploy, and new user accounts can be set up in seconds.
  • Automatic updates – Office is now a subscription service, so you always have the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and access to your documents where and when you need them.


  • Website creation – Office 365 gives you the capacity to build and easily update a customised website to reach out to your customers.


  • Security: built-in anti-malware and anti-spam protection helps your business stay safe.
  • Uptime reassurance. You can rely on the financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Data privacy. Microsoft is an industry leader in protecting the privacy and security of customer data.
Windows Server

Windows Server Support

The heart of your data operations, Windows Server is absolutely crucial to your business. Windows Server support from Shackleton Technologies ensures that servers are operating optimally, with preventative maintenance significantly reducing the risk of failure or outages. In the event that a problem does arise, our helpdesk engineers are available around-the-clock to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely. We also operate a team of field engineers to assist with in-depth issues on-site.


Microsoft Outlook Support

The ultimate email and scheduling tool, Microsoft Outlook keeps communications flowing between your business and its customers. Microsoft Outlook support helps ensure that the system works smoothly and efficiently – and that your employees have all the help they need when they run into problems. Our helpdesk team is available to answer technical queries and resolve configuration issues for Outlook 365 and Outlook 2016.


Microsoft Exchange Support

Email is your most important business communications tool – so your Microsoft Exchange server must be properly managed and maintained to ensure everything is working optimally. Proactive Microsoft Exchange Support from Shackleton Technologies identifies and resolves technical issues before they can affect communications. And in the event of a significant technical issue, the Shackleton helpdesk is available to deliver appropriate remote support, reducing outages and restoring operations quickly.

Windows Desktop Support

With 90% of the world’s computers running Windows and driving business value, it's critical that downtime is minimised. For this reason, our clients trust Shackleton to monitor, manage, maintain and repair their Windows Desktop devices.