Windows Desktop Support

More than 90% of the world’s computers run a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Supporting this can be a time-consuming and onerous task for businesses and when a computer isn’t functioning correctly, it can result in lost productivity and ultimately, lost revenue.

Traditional Windows Desktop support has changed forever but Shackleton remains well ahead of the curve

Desktop support is not what it used to be. It is most likely that it’s the end user that is supported these days, not the traditional desktop computer device. And most users today have access to numerous devices to connect to their network and the internet.

Most users will have PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, meaning that “desktop support” needs to reflect these changes and support the user, regardless of what devices they have.

Our IT engineers are skilled professionals, trained in supporting countless types of devices, from a wide range of manufacturers and with various operating systems. Our service desk is more focussed on the end-user than ever before!

This is a critical element of the service we provide. We understand that our clients rely on these devices. It is essential that downtime is minimised and for this reason, our clients’ trust Shackleton to monitor, manage, maintain, repair, supply and install all user devices as and when necessary.

Desktop support doesn’t stop with devices, however. We focus on the user and on maintaining their device, so that it is operating normally. If they are experiencing issues, we will test that network connections, software and applications, are all functioning properly. And if the issue persists, we will quickly send a skilled engineer on-site at a time that suits the client and the user.

Windows Server

Windows Server Support

The heart of your data operations, Windows Server is absolutely crucial to your business. Windows Server support from Shackleton Technologies ensures that servers are operating optimally, with preventative maintenance significantly reducing the risk of failure or outages. In the event that a problem does arise, our helpdesk engineers are available around-the-clock to troubleshoot and fix issues remotely. We also operate a team of field engineers to assist with in-depth issues on-site.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Any time, any place, any device productivity tools to help you achieve more. Our Office 365 support services ensure you have the help you need whenever and wherever you need it too. Our helpdesk is available to answer technical queries about the entire Office 365 suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint. You can also get help with advanced features like SharePoint 365, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Outlook Support

The ultimate email and scheduling tool, Microsoft Outlook keeps communications flowing between your business and its customers. Microsoft Outlook support helps ensure that the system works smoothly and efficiently – and that your employees have all the help they need when they run into problems. Our helpdesk team is available to answer technical queries and resolve configuration issues for Outlook 365 and Outlook 2016.


Microsoft Exchange Support

Email is your most important business communications tool – so your Microsoft Exchange server must be properly managed and maintained to ensure everything is working optimally. Proactive Microsoft Exchange Support from Shackleton Technologies identifies and resolves technical issues before they can affect communications. And in the event of a significant technical issue, the Shackleton helpdesk is available to deliver appropriate remote support, reducing outages and restoring operations quickly.