Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Support

Windows Server 2016 takes Microsoft's global cloud services experience to a new level, with faster restarts, better resource utilisation for running apps and Hyper V servers as well as greater security as standard.

Shackleton Technologies can advise and help with every aspect of your Windows Server 2016 environment, implementing and supporting the perfect server solution for your business.

Windows Server 2016

This latest version of Microsoft’s server operating system, Windows Server 2016, helps you manage and protect your business data, whilst providing the access you need, from virtually anywhere, using almost any device.

Windows Server 2016 was created to help protect servers against criminal attacks with the intent to compromise data security, steal credentials and install malware on both servers and applications.

Better Protection

New protective measures at the operating system level have been designed to disrupt known types of attack, making the server operating system an active participant in your infrastructure security.

The security features in Microsoft Windows 2016 Server also protect administrator credentials and can raise alerts when malicious activity is detected.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 allows you to keep core network and security features in your local environment and to take advantage of advanced ‘cloud-based’ services. This flexibility enables your business to choose the optimum environment for your line of business and collaboration needs.

Windows Server 2016 helps delivers global scale cloud services into your infrastructure, with new features and enhancements in virtualisation, management, storage and networking.

Easier Choices

Windows server licensing makes choosing the right edition of Windows server easier. Choose from essential, standard or datacentre editions, based on the size of your organisation and your business requirements for virtualisation and cloud computing.

Windows Server 2016 provides enterprise-class and hybrid ‘cloud solutions, that are simple to deploy, cost effective, application focused, and user centric.

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