Dell - Computers, Servers and IT Equipment

One of the world's most recognised IT brands, Dell equipment offers superb value for money and reliability. We are pleased to supply their products to our clients.

Our partnership with Dell allows us to provide businesses with great technology teamed with superb service, a combination that supports your vision and moves you forward.

Dell's product range spans the full spectrum of IT equipment, from desktop PCs, through servers to networking, storage and tablet devices. If you have a need, Shackleton and Dell can meet it.

Flexible, Reliable Equipment for Your Journey

Shackleton's range of Dell products can support your IT system across four areas:


Dell's range of powerful, affordable and scalable servers put strength at the heart of your business and allow your team to work more effectively. For ease, Dell servers can be provided with Windows server operating systems pre-installed.


Dell has a wide range of desktop, workstation, all-in-one computers and tablets utilising the latest Windows 8 operating systems. Providing continuity across all the different models helps clients to achieve greater efficiency and profitability.


Centralisation, protection, backup - reliable solid storage is the bedrock of an effective IT network and Dell has the right equipment for you. Let Shackleton guide your choice to ensure your storage systems are scalable long into the future.


When you select Shackleton and Dell, you choose a top-quality support team for your equipment that ensures your systems run as effectively and reliably as they were designed to. When issues do arise, we're there.

Quality service and products together with and a full understanding of your business requirements is what you can expect from us as your Managed Service Provider.