iGel provides millions of thin clients to tens of thousands of customers worldwide and offers a revolutionary approach to management with simple and smart security features.

They are very reliable, quick to deploy and require little ongoing management.

Offering a range of solutions, iGel can greatly enhance your thin client needs.

  • iGel Linux OS or Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Operating Systems
  • Entry Level to High Performance Thin Client Hardware
  • All-in-One Universal Desktop Thin Client including Touch Screen
  • Universal Desktop Converter (UDC)
  • UD Pocket

Thin Clients vs. Thick Clients

Thick clients, more commonly known as PC’s and Laptops, are the most common types of machines for end users but to keep them operational entails a large overhead.

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Operating & Application Management
  • Security Updates & Risks

Thin clients on the other hand are restricted to hardware and Operating System Management and have a much lower support overhead.

Moving from the traditional computer and server environment to a Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Services or Citrix environment, where the vast majority of end users work from, thin clients can dramatically reduce the support overhead of the business and its associated costs.

With iGels Universal Desktop Converter and UD Pocket device, existing hardware can be easily transformed to a thin client ensuring no wasted spend on newly purchased hardware and extends the life of outdated hardware.

For more information on how iGel thin clients can transform your business, get in touch.