Cloud Hosted Telephony

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Cloud Hosted Telephony – The Solution To Your Telephone System Written by Shackleton Technologies Cloud Hosted Telephony | Business Telephony An effective phone system is essential for every successful business and allows you to communicate with new and existing clients. Despite its importance, businesses continue to have problems with their phone systems.  UK companies are […]

Telephony and Communications

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Are you aware Shackleton Technologies can manage your Telephony and Business Communications as well as your IT Infrastructure? Written by Shackleton Technologies Telephony and Communications The increasing number of communications and networking options available to your business can leave you feeling blindsided with no clear path to selection, implementation, or convergence.  There’s also that worry […]

Could ‘Hosted Desktop’ Technology Future-Proof Your Business Computers?

Cloud hosted technology - move your business data into the cloud with Shackleton Technologies in Dundee, Tayside, Angus and Fife

Could ‘Hosted Desktop’ Technology Future-Proof Your Business Computers? Written by Shackleton Technologies Desktop computers and laptops are vital to all the data-related operations in your business. However, as they age, these computers can slow down; unable to keep up with the demands of your employees – which means that productivity tails off as the machine […]

A Christmas Message from Shackleton Technologies

Christmas Message from Shackleton Technologies in Dundee, Angus, Tayside and Fife - Perthshire.

A Christmas Message from Shackleton Technologies Written by Shackleton Technologies Did you know, that both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer, but that the males lose their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually early December? The females, however, retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. This is […]

What is “The Shackleton Way”?

What is the Shackleton Way? IT Support & Services - Dundee, Scotland

What is the Shackleton Way? Written by Craig Allan So, what is “The Shackleton Way” I keep hearing about? Goodness, that’s like asking, “what is breathing”, because for the management team at Shackleton Technologies, that’s the importance of “The Shackleton Way”. And just as you can’t do anything without breathing, we can’t do anything without […]

What is the Cloud?

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What is the Cloud? Written by Chris Thornton Chances are, you rely on it every day as part of your business routine, but what is the cloud – and why should your organisation care about it? We’ve written dozens of articles on the cloud, discussing its role in the business world and exploring the ways in which […]

WWDC 2015: Apple Gets Smarter for Business

WWDC 2015 Apple Gets Smarter for Business | Computer Support | Dundee | Fife | Perth

WWDC 2015: Apple Gets Smarter for Business Written by Philip Magson Apple’s annual Worldwide Development Conference took place in June and amongst the usual raft of announcements were several interesting business developments. The WWDC kicked off in San Francisco in early June, complete with the all hype we’ve come to expect from an Apple event: […]