The Cautionary Tale of Baltimore and the Ransomware

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The Cautionary Tale of Baltimore and the Ransomware Written by Shackleton Technologies For three weeks now, the city of Baltimore in the US has been battling a serious ransomware outbreak. Known as ‘RobbinHood’, the malware has encrypted vital files and systems, rendering most of the city’s core IT infrastructure unusable. The infection first appeared on […]

Shackleton’s Defence Against Cyber-Attacks

Shackletons Defence against Cyber-attacks

Shackletons Defence against Cyber-attacks Written by Phil Eldridge The Cyber-Attack on Friday has gathered a lot of press and for very good reason, as it has hit many high-profile organisations and is not over yet. However, it is by no means an isolated incident and in the last 18 months we have seen the number […]

How Can Robert De Niro Help You Choose a Secure Password?

Robert De Niro Secure Password

How can Robert De Niro help you choose a secure password? Written by Chris Thornton Secure Password We’ve all heard it a million times, but it bears repeating: as much as they are a pain in the ass, a strong password is the very first line of defence when it comes to your personal & […]

Celebrity Hacking – Keeping Your Data & Content Secure

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Celebrity Hacking – Keeping Your Data & Content Secure Written by Philip Magson Hacking stories abound in the media, covering very unfortunate incidents such as the theft of user data from eBay’s databases, or of user details from Orange France’s databases. In recent weeks however a series of stories have emerged covering detailed and successful hacking of […]