Backup and Restore Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 - How to backup and restore your data with Shackleton Technologies, Dundee, Scotland - IT Support

Backup and Restore Microsoft 365 Written by Shackleton Technologies Microsoft 365 is fast becoming an essential business tool for productivity and seamless collaboration with colleagues.  With the ability to work online, share files and work from home or mobile devices, it is the perfect cloud solution for businesses of all sizes. In today’s modern business environment, […]

The Subscription Model is Here to Stay

The Subscription Model is Here to Stay - IT Support Dundee - IT Support Fife - IT Support Perth

The Subscription Model is Here to Stay Written by Shackleton Technologies California dreaming Everyone dreams of going to California, and we are no different. There is a prominent IT conference in San Diego this year which we are very much looking forward to attending. The prospect of some sun, sea and a gorgeous landscape thrown […]

Why you need professional help when Windows updates

Windows Automatic Updates - Why you need help from a professional IT Company like Shackleton Technologies in Dundee

Why you need professional help when Windows updates Written by Shackleton Technologies When it comes to cybersecurity, users are constantly advised to keep their systems fully-patched and updated. Some applications – like your antivirus software – updates itself automatically almost every day. And it makes sense to plug holes as quickly as possible to reduce the risk […]

Who Was Ernest Shackleton?

Who Was Ernest Shackleton

Who Was Ernest Shackleton? Written by Craig Allan History recognises Sir Ernest Shackleton as possibly the strongest and most inspirational leader of the twentieth century. His name is regarded alongside Captain Scott and Amundsen as one of the greatest heroic pioneers of Antarctic exploration in the early part of the twentieth century. Leadership & Endurance […]

Do You Need to Back-up Your Data?

Why Do You Need To Backup Your Data | Data Security Dundee | Scotland | Fife

What Do You Need to Back-up Your Data? Written by Chris Thornton Backup Your Data Your infrastructure should reflect the needs of your business – but choosing exactly how you protect and back-up your data can be confusing… While cyber-security is a business necessity, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every organisation. Backing-up data on-site may well […]