Connecting Business Applications

IT Infrastructure Management

Shackleton’s IT Infrastructure Management service includes the monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure to improve the security, availability, reliability and performance of your applications, devices and networks. IT networks play a crucial role in connecting business applications and aiding communication with clients, partners, and employees. Without a properly managed IT network, businesses simply cannot function as required.

Many medium-to-large businesses are torn between the continual management of their IT systems and the ever-increasing demands of their business goals. It doesn't need to be like this!

Shackleton Technologies is an experienced managed IT services provider, with expertise in all aspects of infrastructure management. Outsourcing your IT support will help relieve these pressures and allow you to focus on what you do best, driving your business forward!

Operational excellence, security and resilience are standard expectations from any IT infrastructure. The ability to respond quickly to risk, while still aligning to your business goals is paramount. And yet, so many business leaders don’t seem to recognise this.

Our Infrastructure Management service is always-on, helping you run, and manage your IT infrastructure in an agile, proactive manner, that allows for better, smoother operations and helping your business be the best it can be.

How We Deliver

We are able to provide such an advanced IT infrastructure management service by delivering it through our Network Operations Centre (NOC) which is automatically included within our Managed IT Support Service.

The NOC is primarily responsible for overseeing both the technical and managerial aspects of your IT network performance.

In order to ensure that your company’s IT infrastructure is always functioning as effectively as possible, the NOC team will perform a variety of monitoring tasks, constantly adjusting and fine tuning the different aspects of your network.

Our NOC (Shack HQ), is the central hub of support operations where expert IT technicians monitor, manage and support your IT networks, using powerful remote monitoring and management (RMM) software.

Our NOC technicians keep a watchful eye over all monitored endpoints to ensure maximum possible uptime for Shackleton’s clients. 

What Exactly Does the NOC Do?

Our NOC monitors the continued health of your IT infrastructure, including security, performance and capacity. Our NOC technicians continually make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and to help keep your business productive. In fact, on most occasions our NOC technicians will detect, diagnose and repair issues and potential disasters, before you’re even aware of them.

The NOC manages all security patch updates, installing them at a time to suit your business. We also ensure your antivirus software is running at its optimum efficiency.

The NOC technicians can create alerts that look for, identify and categorise specific types of potential issue, based on impact to your business, severity, alert type and a number of other criteria. In this way, the NOC technicians work closely with Shackleton’s Service Desk to resolve any detected problems. Importantly the NOC can also help identify the root cause of specific issues to reduce the risk of future recurrences.

NOC technicians are constantly researching non-standard activities, making adjustments and involving any additional technical resources as necessary to solve customer issues.

Operating at peak efficiency around the clock, most clients will never even be aware of the NOC’s presence. This creates a seamless experience for the user and the client, as Shackleton delivers world-class support and problem resolution.

The NOC is instrumental to our success and long-term client retention, defining Shackleton as a leader in the provision of IT services, in Scotland.

Systems Monitoring

We are even more focused on proactive systems monitoring than ever in our aim to provide the best service possible with the smallest disruption. Shackleton's NOC Services Department works continually to monitor the key areas of your IT infrastructure, to detect issues and resolve them before they become a problem for your end users or your business.

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Proactive Systems Management

Proactive systems management is another key piece of our service offering.  Our NOC Services Personnel continuously strive to keep our clients’ systems working at optimal performance and to avoid unplanned downtime

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IT Support
& Service

Timely IT support is crucial to the health of your business operations – if systems fail, your business will be badly affected. You need a business IT support provider who you can trust to provide effective advice and assistance.


The key to network administration (NetAdmin) is the alignment of technology with your business plans. Technology must be fit for purpose, and in line with industry standards and best practices. Shackleton has considerable expertise and experience working with new and existing clients to achieve this alignment.

IT Strategy
& Planning

IT plays an increasingly important role in business operations. Advances in technology mean that IT now drives the business forward. However, in order to realise the largest benefits , you must have a clearly defined IT strategy – otherwise investment in technology may not provide the results you expect