Identifying the Right Technologies to Support Your Business Goals.

IT Strategy and Planning

Information technology plays an increasingly important role in business operations. Advances in technology mean that it is now IT that drives the business forward. However, in order to realise the largest benefits, you must have a clearly defined IT strategy – otherwise, investment in technology may not provide the results you expect or the ROI.

Ultimately, your IT strategy framework needs to be focused on increased operational efficiency, the reduction of costs and the provision of the best possible experience for your employees. Unless your organisation has in-house IT expertise, you may struggle to properly understand how best to deploy new technologies to support business goals and extract maximum value.

When you choose Shackleton as your IT managed service provider, our strategic approach is incorporated into the offering, as part of our core service. 

We will guide you through the many decisions and options required in choosing a system that will help you reach your business goals now – and long into the future.

Let us guide you to create a strategy that takes advantage of IT collaboration tools to increase productivity and open new ways of working. Let us assist you in completing a specific IT project as part of your digital transformation strategy. Whatever you need, our IT strategy experts will assist.

Virtual IT Director

Employing a suitably skilled and experienced 'IT Director' can be a huge drain for a small business. The Virtual IT Director Service from Shackleton provides access to the skills, experience and strategic guidance of a board-level executive – without the significant financial overheads!

The Virtual CIO (vCIO) defines IT strategy, helps to recommend a budget and presents plans and findings to the board, keeping key decision makers in the loop. Our vCIO offering can be included as an additional service with your Shackleton IT support contract.

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IT Planning/Budgeting

The old adage states, “Fail to plan – plan to fail” and this has never been truer when planning IT budgets.

If your IT equipment is neglected, there is, by default, a greater risk of things going wrong. If your business relies heavily upon IT systems to operate efficiently, then a lack of investment can very quickly prove to be a false economy, that can have a devastating impact.

Planning and budgeting for known IT expense, well in advance, can make a huge difference, not only to the performance of your systems but also to your overall business efficiency and profits.

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Network Security

Protect the security and integrity of your network and data. Using a selection of proven security technologies and techniques, Shackleton will help protect your business against hackers and cybercriminals, so you can focus on better serving your clients.

Shackleton Technologies will deploy a suite of tried and tested hardware and software products, to effectively manage access to your network. This suite is designed to identify and stop a variety of threats, from entering or spreading on your network.

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Information and Cyber Security

Data is one of the most valuable assets in your business. Shackleton can assist with your organisation’s information security strategy, ensuring your data is protected and that risk from any loss is minimised.  Your data should stay where it belongs – inside your network and out of the hands of criminals!

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Secure Email and Software Security

Email remains the most popular business communication tool, making it an attractive target for hackers and cybercriminals. Shackleton Technologies will improve the security of your email, to prevent unauthorised access and abuse.

Our multi-layered approach to email security protects your messages and data, at every point, between the desktop email client and your mail server. Our team is available to provide help and guidance too.

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Disaster and Data Recovery

Disasters can, and do, happen. Is your business prepared when one strikes? Shackleton Technologies can create a disaster recovery strategy that will help your business restore operations as quickly as possible, following a major incident.

Our team will specify and configure the technologies required to protect your data – and to recover it as quickly as possible after a disaster.

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Business Data Backup

Protecting data against loss is essential to business operations. You also have a moral duty to your clients to protect their data – and under GDPR, a legal responsibility to prevent data loss.

Shackleton will help develop a bullet-proof back-up strategy designed to protect your business data against loss. We will then install and configure the technologies required – and help you execute a data recovery plan after a suspected data loss event.

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Business Continuity

Large-scale disaster recovery and data restore projects, following a disaster, can take days to complete. Your data isn’t lost but it isn’t immediately available either! A business continuity strategy created by Shackleton, will ensure your organisation can continue to operate while the disaster recovery plan is executed.

Using Cloud-based technologies and robust data recovery tools, your business continuity plan is a key investment in the future of the organisation.

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Access all the IT expertise your business needs to reach its strategic goals with IT consultancy services from Shackleton. Our highly experienced experts are on hand to advise on how to make technology work for you.

We also supply complete teams to complete specific technology projects, ensuring you have all the resources required for a successful outcome. From project managers through to hands-on engineers, we have your every need covered.

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