Secure Email and Software Security

Email is an essential communications tool for every modern business, but it can also create serious vulnerabilities to data security.

Email is by far the favoured medium for unscrupulous hackers to introduce viruses and malware (research shows that 9 out of 10 viruses infecting computers, arrive by email, or email attachments). It is also frequently used to launch phishing attacks, or for social engineering and identity theft. It is imperative therefore, that any business email is made as secure as it possibly can be, to reduce these threats.

What is the Best Way to Secure your Email?

Shackleton employs a multi-layered approach to email security, which involves using several types of security software tools, i.e. antivirus, antispam, email web filtering etc, which greatly reduces the incidence of spam and emails laden with malware.


We also use robust firewall technology at your network perimeter, which is an essential added layer of protection, often comprising both hardware and software.

By using a combination of industry best practices, combined with practical security advice from our expert team, we can provide your business with better protection against most email borne threats.

Best Practice and Policies

All the security tools in the world though, won’t protect your business data and your network against the human element. All it takes is for a single spam email to get through and for an untrained user to open it and all your protection is rendered useless.

It is imperative therefore, that strong security practices and policies are implemented and all your staff are trained in the importance of adhering to these.

Email and PC logins should be based on strong, well-defined password policies, utilising sufficient levels of complexity to make it as difficult as possible for a hacker to guess. And it goes without saying, passwords should never be shared or left on display.

Market leading email platforms such as Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 have strong levels of built-in protection, which can be configured to further enhance security.

Multi-Layered Approach


Shackleton’s multi-layered approach to security might include:

  • Configuration of antivirus and antispam software
  • Email web filtering to reduce viruses, spam and malware attacks
  • Managed security updates and patching
  • Secure remote access
  • User access control
  • User education and awareness training (using a partner company)
  • Perimeter firewall security
  • 24/7 monitoring of all servers, endpoints and backups

Software Security

It’s not just email that hackers target., they have numerous tactics to gain access to your network and to your systems. This is where your network perimeter security plays its part. Making sure you have the right firewall hardware in place, properly configured for security, is a basic but crucial step in preventing unwanted access to your network.

Businesses today use lots of different software in their day-to-day activities. This includes in-house applications, web applications, server operating systems, desktop operating systems, communications software and even device drivers.

Most software used by businesses today has been written and designed from the ground up using highly secure software development methodologies, so they are inherently secure by the time you purchase them.

But the hackers never rest; they are always looking for weaknesses to exploit and this is the reason why, almost all software receives regular updates, or security patches, sent by the software vendor to ensure their product runs and behaves the way it was intended.

Software security measures are intended to protect against such malicious attacks. Failing to prepare, or plan for such breaches, can have a catastrophic impact on your business. It is necessary because any compromise to the availability or integrity of your software, renders it unsecure and effectively unusable.

If you are concerned that your security measures may not fully detect and prevent sophisticated attacks on your network, Shackleton will help you to understand the current state of your overall network and systems security. This extends to your ability to detect, prevent and respond to security risks.

Security planning from Shackleton covers your entire network, using a comprehensive series of software tools, security configurations and constant monitoring.

If you would like to learn more about email and software security, please get in touch.

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